Workers’ Compensation Parking Lot Injury in New Jersey

Workers’ Compensation Parking Lot Injury in New Jersey

         If you are injured in the parking lot of your place of employment, you may have a workers’ compensation case. In response to a New Jersey Supreme Court decision, when an individual arrives at any parking area that an employer provides or designates for use by an employee, the employer may be held liable for any injuries.

Case precedent under New Jersey Legislature Bill S771

                                                            Common questions

What if… I am hit in the parking by a negligent driver.

You will have an opportunity to receive financial compensation for your inconveniences. Medical bills and treatments would be part of the compensation as well as receiving up to two thirds of your wage depending on the severity of your injuries.

What if… My employer did not warn the employees of parking lot hazards.

            As the employer plays a role in avoiding possible injuries, they can be held liable for negligence on behalf of the injured. For further questions or concerns, consult with Corey Morano.

What if… My injury is not reasonably related to my work performance.

            In order to qualify for workers compensation, you must meet the following requirements: you must be an employee at the place where the injury occurs, A work related injury or illness must be presented, you must file a workers compensation claim, and your employer must have workers compensation insurance.

You should feel safe and ensured when going from your vehicle into your place of work. Let us here at The Morano Law Firm get you the compensation you deserve and ease any concerns you have. Having strong willed and determined lawyers by your side can increase your chance of a satisfied workers compensation win! Call our Law Firm at 201-598-5019 or email [email protected] for a free consult today!