Amputation Injuries in the Work Place – New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Cases

Amputation Injuries in the Work Place – New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Cases

There are many ways a person might require an amputation to a body part or limb. Powerful equipment can impose a high risk of severely hurting you or a loved one. There are many different types that can occur when you are severely injured in a work-related accident. One thing to consider when put in this situation is contacting a worker’s compensation attorney to help get you major compensation for your loss.

If you are involved in a work-related amputation accident…

  • After you have received medical attention, call the Morano Law Firm at (201)-598-5019 and have our well experienced attorneys at your side to help grant you the compensation you deserve.
  • Make sure your employer has Workers Compensation Insurance.
  • Have a work-related injury.
  • File a workers compensation claim (staying aware of deadlines and state procedures).
  •  If you are deemed eligible for permanent, total disability, you can receive 100% benefits including lifetime pension.

What to do in the event of an amputation accident:

      A permanent and stationary (P&S) report is what begins a permanent disability claim. After your doctor writes the report, you will receive a permanent disability rating, which determines the amount of monetary compensation to be awarded.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your P&S rating, having an experienced attorney to discuss your worries will blissfully take that worry away. Call The Morano Law Firm as we are experienced and knowledgeable New Jersey Workers Compensation attorneys and have dealt with many total and partial New Jersey work-related amputation cases.

We can get you compensation for your medical and rehabilitation expenses as well as replacement and continuance of your lost wages. We know our way through Workers’ Compensation Law, so we cater your needs. We know the dangers that you face every day on the job, and we will ensure that your New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Amputation claim is maximized. Call 201-598-5019  or email [email protected] for the FREE consultation today.