Types of Burn Injuries in the Work Place – New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney on Your Side

According to OSHA, The Occupational Safety Health Administration, over 5000 persons every year are admitted to iStock_000001321767_Smallthe hospital with work-related burn injuries. Workplace burns can range from the minor, burning your hand on a hot plate in a restaurant, to partial electrocuting oneself. No matter the degree or severity or your work-related burn injury, The Morano Law Firm LLC is there to help you. Burns at work often lead to cases decided in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Court

Although there are hundreds of ways one can experience a burn injury at work, most fall into one of the three common types of work-related burn injuries, thermal, chemical and electrical. These are the types of burn injuries in the work place.

Thermal Burns

Thermal burns are those caused by fires, hot water and explosions. Cooks who work in various types of restaurants are the most frequent victims of thermal burn injuries. A boiling pot of water or sauce, cooking entrees on hot burners and reaching in and out of hot ovens all have the potential for cause burn injuries. Because of the requirement to work quickly, it is not unusual for cooks at a restaurant to get some kind of minor burn every night.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns are caused when an acidic liquid or chemical comes in contact with the skin. People who work in high tech and assembly lines are often required to solder or otherwise chemically join one thing to another and any error can cause chemicals to come in contact with the skin. A cleaning person who uses caustic chemicals to clean surfaces in home renovations or otherwise everyday cleaning is also exposed to the potential for chemical burn injuries on a daily basis.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns are when one touches an electrically charged object like a live wire. Electricians are obviously the iStock_000009703092_Smallmost likely to receive electrical burns or worse as they are around and touching live wires all day everyday as a function of their profession. Electricians are highly trained as to the safety precautions that they must take in order to safely do their job.

From burning your hand on a hot plate, to spilling cleaning solutions on yourself, to touching the wrong electrically charged wire, there are many ways in which people can get burned when simply doing their jobs. The Morano Law Firm are experienced New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Burn Attorneys. We know the dangers that you face in simply doing your job everyday, and we will fight for you to make sure that your New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Burn claim is maximized in your favor. Call The Morano Law Firm LLC Today: 201-598-5019