New Jersey Intensive Supervision Program: A Possible Alternative to Prison

To deal with the problem of overcrowding in prisons New Jersey created an Intensive Supervision Program (ISP). The ISP is an intermediate type of punishment that is harsher than just probation, but not as harsh as actual prison. New Jersey’s ISP gives certain offenders that have been sentenced to state prison the chance to work their way back into the community under intense supervision.

New Jersey has six ISP regional offices and more than 1,200 participants. The New Jersey Intensive Supervision Program consists of a three-person panel that is responsible for screening applicants and making recommendations to the Resentencing Panel for placement in the ISP. The ISP participants have strict requirements that include community service requirements, drug testing, curfew requirements, and full time employment or job training requirements.

Most offenders do qualify for the Intensive Supervision Program, but the following are not qualified:

  • Current first degree offenders
  • Offenders that have committed a first degree offense within five years of the current offense
  • Offenders involved in organized crime
  • Offenders that have previously already participated in the Intensive Supervision Program
  • Inmates who are serving a period of mandatory incarceration
  • Inmates whose imprisonment term is part of a negotiated plea deal


Applying to be a part of the ISP is a multi step process, but the offender must first serve at least 60 days in prison before they can go in front of a Resentencing Panel. If the Resentencing Panel approves the offender’s application to be part of the program then the person will be released for a 90-day trial period. If you or someone you know may qualify for application to this program please call the Morano Law Firm at 201-598-5019 for a free consultation on all criminal law matters.