Amputation Injuries in the Work Place

There are hundreds of different types of amputations that can occur when you are severely injured in a work-related iStock_000009703092_Smallaccident. One that comes to mind immediately would be a construction worker cutting off his fingers or hand at the wrist when carelessly cutting a two by four. Another would be a tree surgeon climbing a tree with a chain saw and slipping as a result of miscalculating the direction of a falling limb, accidentally grabbing onto the cutting edge of his moving chain saw. A butcher at a supermarket is chopping, cutting and slicing all day long and it’s hard to find one who hasn’t cut off at least a part of a finger at some point. Deli workers use slicers, butchers chefs use knives, woodworkers and metal workers use drills and saws …. all powerful equipment capable of removing a finger, hand or arm in a split second. And as devastating as losing a digit or a limb can be, if your are involved in a work-related amputation accident you actually have a bigger problem to worry about and that is what to do next in the event  an amputation accident happens to you so that you don’t die.

What To Do In The Event Of An Amputation Accident

Calling 911 or your company’s emergency medical team might be a little difficult if you now have only one hand or arm, but if you can reach your cell phone and dial 911 you should. If you are alone you should yell as loud as possible for help. If there are others with you they can and should immediately make the 911 call to get professional medical help to the scene as quickly as possible. In an amputation accident there will be a massive loss of blood. You and your coworkers should use a belt, rope, cord or item of clothing to make a tourniquet slightly above the point of amputation to slow the blood loss. Elevate the limb as much as possible so that gravity aids in slowing the blood loss. Sit or lay down and stay calm so that your heart rate normalizes and wait for help to arrive.

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