Lower Back Injuries in the Workplace

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Lower Back Injuries in the Workplace

Lower back injuries can be the be the result of any number of work-related activities. Bending over to pick up a heavyiStock_000009703092_Small object, shoveling or sweeping materials, or hopping in and out of a work vehicle from an elevated cab to name just a few. Of all the work-related injuries that result in workers’ compensation claims, lower back injuries are the most common. If you are suffering from lower back pain as a result of an accident or event at work, or as a result of a repetitive motion that your job requires you to do, give our firm a call. We are experienced New Jersey lower back injury workers’ compensation attorneys and would like nothing more that to see that you are compensated for your suffering. The following are three common types of lower-back related pain caused by work related injuries.

According to http://www.spine-health.com, there are several classifications of lower back pain; Axial low back pain, Lumbar sciatica pain, and Low back radiant pain.

– Axial Lower Back Pain
The most common type of lower back pain is Axial lower back pain. This is the type of pain that is confined to one spot in the lower back and does not travel to other areas of the body. This type of pain can be constant and effect all aspects of your daily life including activities as simple as standing up or walking from one location to another. Axial lower back pain is usually relieved by resting and is acute meaning that it will go away completely in a few weeks if treated properly and allowed time to heal without aggravation. Other times Axial lower back pain can be a precursor to more serious and chronic back pain. Most times however treatment will include complete rest for a period of time usually around 6-12 weeks and ice/heat treatments.

– Lumbar Radiculopathy
Lumbar Radiculopathy or commonly called “Sciatica”, is also a very common form of back pain. It normally occurs as result of the compression of Sciatic nerve. This is a radiant pain meaning you could feel the pain in your lower back, but also think that something else is wrong with your legs as the pain radiates down your buttocks and thighs. One way to suspect that you have a compression of your sciatic nerve is if the pain start in your lower back and only travels down one leg and not the other. Constantly hopping on and off equipment or jumping down off heights for months or years while on the job has been known to cause chronic sciatica pain.

– Referred Lower Back Pain
Finally low back pain with referred pain produces a dull, achy pain that radiates throughout the lower back, groin and legs and makes even sitting or lying down uncomfortable or sometimes unbearable. Unlike Sciatica, radiant back pain is not caused by nerve compression and effects more than one side of the body.

Back injuries can cause permanent or temporary disability and as a result you may have to endure the pain and suffering of surgery and a physical rehabilitation program that could last months or years. You need to get the evaluation of experienced doctors who have seen how serious your particular back injury can be and how it could effect your ability to continue to do your job. Company doctors may or may not have your best interests in mind when evaluating you as they work for your employer or your employer’s insurance company. Their objectives could actually be contrary to yours as they seek to minimize the diagnosis of your claim as well as minimize the financial liability of for the company. You need to get our objective second opinion before filing or settling a workers’ compensation claim.

At The Morano Law Firm LLC, we have clients that have suffered all types of back injuries and have successfully maximized their New Jersey worker’s compensation claims. We know workers compensation benefits law like the back of our hand and we’ll fight the insurance companies tooth and nail on your behalf to make sure you get the just, fair compensation you deserve. Give us a call today for a free no cost, no obligation consultation. Give us a call at 201-598-5019 for a free consultation and discuss your case today.

I Was Injured on the Job, What are My New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Rights?

If you have been injured on the job and want to know your rights, please do not hesitate to call me at 201-598-5019 or email me directly at newjerseylawyernow@gmail.com for a free consultation.

In New Jersey, if you have been injured while working, you are entitled to Worker’s Compensation rights and benefits.

Workers’ Compensation is determined by a statute which sets out a method of providing benefits to an employee (of the employee’s dependent) who suffers a personal injury or death by accident or occupational disease while working.  This creates two categories for an injury which occurred on a job.

Accident – a specific incident gives rise to your injury. Examples include slipping and falling  leading to a broken leg. A restaurant worker cutting or burning herself.

Occupational – exposure to a risk or danger in the job led to the injury.  A dock worker whose back is injured after 20 years of lifting heavy items on the job. An administrator who has carpal tunnel syndrome after 20 years of typing.

Fault is not an issue. As long as you were acting within the course of your employment you will be covered by your employer’s worker’s compensation coverage. Even if your employer did not act negligent, if you are injured on the job you may be entitled to compensation.

Your damages are determined by the permanent nature of your injury. This is where the strength of your case is determined. Contact me and we can discuss this at greater length.

The Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) is responsible for the administration of the NJ Workers’ Compensation Law, N.J.S.A. 34:15-1 et seq., and the disposition of disputes raised under it. It does so by

  • ensuring that injured workers receive fair and timely workers’ compensation benefits from their employers and their insurance carriers
  • enforcing the law that requires employers to secure the necessary insurance coverage from commercial carriers or through self-insurance programs.
  • providing temporary disability benefits and medical expenses to workers suffering from compensable injuries while working for uninsured employers
  • Providing benefit payments to workers who are already partially disabled who subsequently experience a work related injury which together, render them totally disabled.

If you have been injured on the job and want to know your rights, please do not hesitate to call me at 201-598-5019 or email me directly at newjerseylawyernow@gmail.com for a free consultation.