Staph Infections/MRSA Worker’s Compensation

Staphylococcus aureus (staph) is a bacterial infection that mostly attacks the skin.  Two million Americans are infected every year, with qtq80-FwS4u9around 90,000 people dying from the disease. Symptoms include an area of painful blisters, skin nodules, fever, and yellow pus discharge from the infected area. If left untreated by a doctor, the infection can enter the bloodstream and cause septic shock – which can lead to death.  It is usually treated with antibiotics and/or drainage.  However, there is a form of staph that is resistant to most forms of antibiotics — Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).  This is the most dangerous form of staph, and it can live on towels and plastics for up to 90 days!  It is important to keep a work area properly sanitized for this reason.  NJ even has an act for hospitals to prevent staph infections from spreading (C.26:2H-12.35 to C.26:2H-12.38).


What causes staph infection/MRSA?


Not keeping a work area properly sanitized can cause a staph epidemic in the workplace.  This includes not washing hands, not washing towels with hot water, sharing razors, sharing towels, sharing clothes, using an infected pool, and sharing equipment.  The disease spreads through physical contact with an infected person/item, so that is why it is imperative to keep up with hygiene in the workplace.  Once a workplace/worker is infected, every worker is now at risk.


Who is at Risk?


-Hospital workers

-Gym/Fitness Facility Workers


-EMS Workers

-Professional Athletes

-Retirement Home Workers

-Anyone who’s shared razors, towels, equipment, or clothes


What to do if I’m infected with Staph or MRSA?qtq80-Zvcfuw


The first thing you should do is receive medical attention to take care of the issue.  The second thing you should do is file a DWC-1, which is a first report of injury form for workers.  Any employee who has suffered any type of staph infection at work is eligible for Worker’s Comp. Benefits.  Benefits include medical expenses, out-of-pocket expenses, and lost wages (up to 2/3rds).  If you work in a hospital and you think there is a violation of C.26:2H-12.35 to C.26:2H-12.38 that caused your infection, you have a case against your employer.


If you’ve been infected with staph/MRSA at work and been neglected compensation, you must take action.  Not only is it immoral for an employer to neglect you, it is against NJ State Law!  At the Morano Firm, we are strongly committed to defending clients who have been wrongfully neglected by their employers for injury benefits – especially a deadly infection like staph!  If you’ve been infected with staph/MRSA at work and believe you’ve been neglected by your employer to pay for your medical expense, Call The Morano Law Firm LLC Today: 201-598-5019 for a no cost, no obligation meeting to discuss your individual case.  We will make sure you receive the benefits you deserve and the treatment to get you back to work and save your life!