Types of Burn Injuries in the Work Place – New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney on Your Side

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Types of Burn Injuries in the Work Place – New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Attorney on Your Side

According to OSHA, The Occupational Safety Health Administration, over 5000 persons every year are admitted to iStock_000001321767_Smallthe hospital with work-related burn injuries. Workplace burns can range from the minor, burning your hand on a hot plate in a restaurant, to partial electrocuting oneself. No matter the degree or severity or your work-related burn injury, The Morano Law Firm LLC is there to help you. Burns at work often lead to cases decided in New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Court

Although there are hundreds of ways one can experience a burn injury at work, most fall into one of the three common types of work-related burn injuries, thermal, chemical and electrical. These are the types of burn injuries in the work place.

Thermal Burns

Thermal burns are those caused by fires, hot water and explosions. Cooks who work in various types of restaurants are the most frequent victims of thermal burn injuries. A boiling pot of water or sauce, cooking entrees on hot burners and reaching in and out of hot ovens all have the potential for cause burn injuries. Because of the requirement to work quickly, it is not unusual for cooks at a restaurant to get some kind of minor burn every night.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns are caused when an acidic liquid or chemical comes in contact with the skin. People who work in high tech and assembly lines are often required to solder or otherwise chemically join one thing to another and any error can cause chemicals to come in contact with the skin. A cleaning person who uses caustic chemicals to clean surfaces in home renovations or otherwise everyday cleaning is also exposed to the potential for chemical burn injuries on a daily basis.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns are when one touches an electrically charged object like a live wire. Electricians are obviously the iStock_000009703092_Smallmost likely to receive electrical burns or worse as they are around and touching live wires all day everyday as a function of their profession. Electricians are highly trained as to the safety precautions that they must take in order to safely do their job.

From burning your hand on a hot plate, to spilling cleaning solutions on yourself, to touching the wrong electrically charged wire, there are many ways in which people can get burned when simply doing their jobs. The Morano Law Firm are experienced New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Burn Attorneys. We know the dangers that you face in simply doing your job everyday, and we will fight for you to make sure that your New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Burn claim is maximized in your favor. Call The Morano Law Firm LLC Today: 201-598-5019

Construction Site Accidents and New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law

Finding  a top New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyer for Construction Site Accidents is important for the success of your case. Some work places are iStock_000009703092_Smallmore dangerous than others and the precautions that one has to take into consideration to be safe are as different as night and day. Although they can sometimes be the cause of serious, debilitating injuries, office workers have little more than stress, headaches and repetitive motion injuries like carpel tunnel syndrome to worry about. A construction worker, factory worker, farmer or other laborer on the other hand literally put their lives on the line every day when they go to work. Safety precautions to them are first and foremost on their mind as there are so many ways that they can be injured or killed while on the job such as being hit by a falling object, falling off or a beam or scaffolding, or by being electrocuted.

Falling Object Construction Site Accidents
Construction workers must constantly be thinking about being hit by objects falling from above. A worker on a 10-story apartment building for example must be aware that even one brick or bolt falling from a height of over 100 feet could kill them instantly, even if they were wearing their required hard hat. Sometime entire lots of building materials can become unstable, tip over and spill onto the ground floors many stories below, severely injuring or killing unsuspecting construction workers. Large cranes used in construction sometimes tip over in severe weather and this create yet another potential hazard for construction workers.

Falling From Scaffolding Construction Site Accidents
Construction workers are required to work on tall buildings, sometimes many tens of stories high, but I don’t have to tell you that serious injuries and death can occur from falling even one story or about 25 feet while on the job. During the early stages of construction, workers have to walk on narrow planks and scaffolding, carrying heavy tools to build the building’s infrastructure. A strong wind or one miss-step can spell disaster if one is not constantly on guard and aware of the potential for a falling accident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates that approximately 25,000 construction workers are injured and 30-40 are killed every year in construction fall accidents.

Source: https://www.osha.gov/Publications/OSHA3252/3252.html

Electrocution at Construction Site Accidents
A major cause of injury and death at construction sites is that of electrical shock. Most machinery like drills and riveters as well as lights run on electricity that has to be established at the site and up to code before construction can begin. Electrical cord stretching hundreds of feet can become frayed, damaged and worn creating an electrical shock hazard. Electrical tools themselves become worn and damaged causing an electrical shock hazard. Also, workers can accidentally come into contact with temporary overhead electrical power lines which can cause instant electrocution, injury or death.

At The Morano Law Firm LLC, we specialize in New Jersey workers’ compensation claims for those who have been injured in work-related accidents or those who have become injured in the workplace over the course of time. We also have experience suing contractors who have cause workers to become injured or killed due to the contractor’s negligence in providing construction workers with a safe work environment. We know workers compensation benefits law thoroughly and we’ll fight the insurance companies on your behalf to make sure you get the just, fair compensation you deserve. Call The Morano Law Firm LLC Today: 201-598-5019 for a no cost, no obligation meeting to discuss your individual case.